Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Activism and the Youth Vote

  This election has been very controversial because it seems like both candidates have done bad and good things. Both candidates have done or have said things that are currently hurting them because people are refusing to vote for them. A few years back, Hillary Clinton was against immigrants, but she has now changed her mind. Even though she has changed her beliefs, people are still using those comments against her and call her a liar. Donald Trump is a great example of “it is not what you say, is how you say it”. Trump has called Puerto Ricans Mexicans and has also said that immigrants are rapist.  Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado from Venezuela was a victim of Trumps words while she was under his contract. He called her miss piggy because she gained weight during her reign. Alicia is now working with Hillary against Donald Trump.

   At this point, nothing is making me want to vote because both candidates spend most of the time arguing. Why must the election be so negative instead of sending a positive message? This election is honestly alienating me away because both candidates do not call my attention.  I certainly feel that I am more informed about the inappropriate things that both candidates have done or have said instead of the good things they would like to do if they become president. I currently feel very disappointed because I wish this election was not so negative. i also feel like they are both focusing too much on immigrants and not on youth. 

Are you voting against you family's beliefs?
What are your thoughts on both candidates?

Who do you think would a better president?


  1. Hi Yinelly,
    I agree with you on what you said which is that I also know more about the "inappropriate things that both candidates have done or said instead of the good things" that seems to be what surfaces more around. Tragic

  2. You definitely were not alone here. There were a lot of people in this country who were still undecided when the got their ballots on election day. Great words though and I feel I learned the same about more inappropriate things rather than things that will make the country succeed!