Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nakkuta Ch.2

    Context mapping is figuring yourself out, learning from mistakes and what your interests are.  Context mapping also means learning friendship values and how you would like to be seen by the world. Mitch asked Julian to list the various spaces and relationships he must negotiate each day.

Foreclosed Identity: Individuals make decisions without exploring based on parents or guardian ideas.

Achieved Identity:  Individuals know their goals, values and know themselves.

Moratorium Identity:  When individuals explore without making any commitment.

Diffuse Identity: When individuals refuse to explore and become isolated.


Community Service

Only child

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Taking the ideology reminded me that I have been promoting positive youth values since 2009. I have always felt that I have the power to change the lives of individuals who believe they are not capable of accomplishing their dreams. Even though I have always felt that I could help others, I felt alone because I believed that I was the only person that wanted to help the youth. My purpose in life is to help youth and even adults to find their talents, have positive attitudes towards themselves, and learn the importance of giving back to their community. At this point in my life, I am very proud of myself for promoting positive values. I believe that everyone has a hidden talent, and my talent is to give back and motivate others to overcome their life struggles.
A question that I thought was interesting from the ideology horoscope is “How can adults and youth work together to negotiate, and make meaning of their worlds? How can they together make the world a better place for all players? I believe that adults need to learn how to respect and understand the youth because they focus on their age and not on their intelligence and interests. I believe that we can all work to make the world a better place by listening, understanding each other and respecting the values of others.