Thursday, December 8, 2016

Strengthening the Youth Development Workforce

"Youth Development is a career that focuses on Education, Social Work and Nonprofit Studies. Youth workers get to work in different fields such as after school programs, school-age child care and summer camps".
The text explain the areas that individuals often forget to focus on such as early childhood, after school programs, social and strategic support, and placement support. A lot of parents focus on working and believe that their child is getting all the learning  they need during the school day. Children and youth need to be engaged in after school programs to expand they learning, social skills and public speaking skills.
Whenever someone says to me  What is Youth Development? I simply answer, youth development is a career for individuals who do not want to become teachers, but would like to work with children and youth. While in school, we focus on gaining Education, Social Work  and Nonprofit studies skills. We are trained in different areas to be able to have a great outcome when working with children and youth.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

MET High School

I had the opportunity of attending the MET High School ( Justice building) to speak about self-empowerment. I Spoke to a group of twenty girls and told them my story about overcoming bullying in middle school, and anxiety and depression in college. I also told everyone to not give up on their dreams and to never let anyone bring them down. Everyone in life goes through difficult situations and whenever we fall, the only thing left to do is to get up.

A wish Come True, Inc

     I had the opportunity of attending  A Wish Come True, Inc One Arabian Night Gala. They celebrated thirty-four years of granting wishes to children ages 3 through 18 who have a life-threatening illness and live in Rhode Island and areas of southeastern Massachusetts.I had the opportunity of meeting parents who have lost their children to cancer and now spread awareness. I also met  individuals who overcame life-threatening illnesses.

    since I will be working with children and youth, this event helped me realized that i also need to find a way to support individuals who have lost someone due to an illness or are battling an illness. 
A Wish Come True